• #2 sharp treble hooks with split rings and rubber protectors
  • 3D sunfish eyes
  • Soft highly detailed plastic sunfish fins (coloured to each species)
  • Sunfish size: 3.5” long
  • Each sunfish has rattle inside for sound while in motion
  • Each sunfish is labeled for each species
  • Sunfish come with Highly detailed species colour pattern

Sunfish lure come in black collector box.


  • Solid structure with Realistic fish colour patterns
  • Bass and Pike fishingLure
  • Pike lure is8 inch long including soft tail
  • 3D Soft clear fins/tail and eyes
  • Natural swim / injured action
  • Dyneema ribbon connection
  • Each pike species is labeled under chin
  • Size #3/0 hooks with hook protectors
  • Slow cranking depth 1-3 (ft) sinking bait
  • Black foam protector insert
  • Black collector box with lure window
  • Limited Edition ( #5 coloured pike species)

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