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With an initial series including the SUNFISH, the PIKE & the PERCH, a MOTHER NATURE lure is not only a functional addition to any tackle box but a collectible keepsake that will be the highlight of any display.

Our Life-Like Collection includes different classes and types within each species thereby enhancing the collectibility and value of each lure. Our limited edition swimbaits exhibit real life colouring and markings that mimic baby bait fish. Our lures are the perfect underwater swimbait to catch big freshwater Bass and Pike and enhance your fishing prowess. Mother Nature’s bold colour patterns, details and realistic swim action will take your fishing adventure to a whole new experience and leave your angler friends green with envy.

Our designs are revered for their artistry and innovation. Our lures and quality branded merchandise set us apart in the industry. Whether as a functional lure or exceptional gift to suit every cottage collection, your new Mother Nature Lure will be a prized addition to any existing collection for years to come.

There are two key factors in the design of the underwater swimbait.

No. 1 Function

The swimbait is a segmented underwater fishing lure used for catching and attracting fish.

The metal hinges connect the segment parts and create the main action of the swimbait.

The swimbait body has a unique fish-like shape with realistic fins, eyes and accurate colours depicting each species.

Each swimbait is fixed with two treble hooks at the belly bottom to balance and capture the fish.

The nose of the swimbait is also fixed with a metal ring for attachment when using the lure.

The collaboration of function and utilitarian features ensure proper underwater performance and consistent motion, every time.

No. 2 Natural detail

A Mother Nature underwater swimbait has unique design qualities that are unparalleled in comparison to existing lures in the market. Colour markings mimic each species. Realistic shapes, bold eyes and detailed fins are mesmerizing at every angle.

Each lure feels like the real thing. And that’s a good thing…for anglers, collectors and your big story-telling friends.

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Pike lures
Pike lures

The Life-Like collection is the perfect underwater swimbait for catching big Bass and Pike game fish. Mother Nature’s realistic colour patterns, details and life-like swim action will take your fishing adventure to a whole new experience.